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With 600M decision makers at 30M companies in our database, we craft drip campaigns to bring in a steady stream of qualified leads ready to buy your products and services.

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Dominate your market & accelerate your pipeline.

Automate outreach with our comprehensive decision maker dataset, so you can focus on closing and amplify your growth.

Unmatched customer profile targeting

Our machine learning algorithms triangulate your ideal decision-makers and contact info.

Personalized messaging & outreach

We craft messaging that reflects your voice and prospects’ needs, using psychographic triggers.

Data-driven optimization at scale

Demand Roll analyzes results to automatically optimize campaigns in real-time.

Warm relationships that convert

Your sales team can focus more on prospects who are ready and interested to buy.

Pipeline acceleration

We craft messaging that reflects your voice and prospects’ needs, using psychographic triggers.

Priceless data insights

Know which targeting and messaging converts prospects into closed business.

Most Comprehensive & Accurate Business Data

Using machine learning algorithms and AI, Demand Roll compiles the freshest business intelligence data set in the industry. It's our secret sauce in helping customers grow their businesses, at scale.


Decision Makers



Hundreds of data points including:

email marketing database

"We wanted to scale our dealership sales process and they turned out to be a blessing. Instead of hiring additional SDRs, they helped us craft persuasive drip campaign copy with top notch email data. The results were outstanding! We saw a 4x increase in the number of leads per week."

Phillip Yeh


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